Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kelly Clinton's Cabaret:That's Entertainment!!

Every Monday night is an awesome experience for the entertainers and the crowd that fills the room each week at Kelly Clinton's Open Mic Cabaret show at the Bootlegger Bistro!!

Monday night Kelly Clinton opened the show with her comedic take as the legally unacknowledged, yet obviously unmistakable daughter of the Nutty Professor himself, Jerry Lewis. Kelly came out as Professor Geraldine Lewis wearing a white lab coat, geek eyeglasses, a black wig and flashing those famous buck teeth!!! For props she had a easel with a chart of the upper body and a pointer stick she used during her hysterical demonstration about proper breathing, the affects on the brain and the voice. Audience participation was a big part of the bit and the finale was the loving daughter’s tribute tune to her dad, "Smile."  Then with a sip of the 'magic potion' followed by some quick jerking moves, the Nutty Professor's daughter was transformed into the one and only, Kelly Clinton!!!! She's simply incredible!! What a fantastic kickoff to a great night of entertainment!

Next it was time for Kelly to introduce a terrific line up of wonderful entertainers.  Several of the big names like Clint Holmes and his MD, Jeff Neiman, Bill Fayne, and Mark O'Toole, each took center stage to try out some first time ever performances of new material for upcoming shows.  Clint Holmes will be appearing in the in NYC's Cafe Carlyle  for three weeks in October.  Bill Fayne is working on  his upcoming Sondheim show scheduled for October 8 and 9.   (Kelly Clinton is one of 30 great singers and actors who will perform in the Sondheim musical tribute at the Suncoast)  ...  And, the crooner himself, Mark O'Toole, headliner at the M Resort and other Vegas venues,  tested out a new number to add to his musical repertoire.

Kelly Clinton is scheduled to perform her one-woman show -- Freckles and 80 Year-Old Bones--at the Metropolitan Room in NYC on October 17.  Her musical director, Mike Clark will travel with her.  Back East peeps can get your tickets online or contact the  Metropolitan Room reservation desk at 212-206-0440.

We had a great surprise performance by the awesome singer, Michaelina Bellamy.  It was so great to see Mikie singing her heart out the evening before she was headed back to the hospital for more tests and treatments.  This is one phenomenal woman and an inspiration to us all.

Clint Holmes jumps in to jam with Tymara Smith.......................
Fun Times.......Ronnie Rose and Kelly Clinton swing...

In the center stage spotlight were the talented Ronnie Rose, Dezmond Meeks (American Idol and America's Got Talent), Margo Davis, Tymara Smith, Don Hunley, Yvonne Silva, Alex Christopher, Janicey Brar (The Billy Holiday Tribute Artist won "four" 2011 BMA  awards). Also in the Cabaret were, L.A. performer, Danni Rosner, singers, Mz. Satin and Tommy Herrera (both auditioning for The Voice), Bruce Antman , Rachel Jackson, Ronette Van Deve, Charm Binns,  and book author,  Michael Silvia.

In between acts, Kelly spotted some of her favorite kind of guys and let them know it with the tune, I like Bald Headed Men. From the looks on the guys faces, I think it goes both ways Kelly.......There were several birthday celebrations  going on the house too, so of course, the Happy Birthday tune was sung loud and clear a couple of times.

As always, this was an incredible evening of entertainment! 

Special guests were spotted in the crowd and given a shout!!!  After their live show at the "House of Blues," the band, J. Roddy Walston and The Business from Tennessee Rights, came in to see the show and enjoy the Bistro food.  Also, at the Clint Holmes table was Myron Martin, CEO of the Smith Center,  with his family.  The Smith Center is an exciting performing arts center scheduled to open in Downtown Las Vegas in March 2012.

Every Monday night is an awesome experience for the entertainers and the crowd that fills the room each week at Kelly Clinton's Open Mic Cabaret show at the Bootlegger Bistro!!  The fantastic band is led by Kelly's musical director, Mike Clark, with Guido Treis on drums.

Sitting in for the opening number was the awesome sax player, Steve Johnson.... and sitting in on and off all night long was keyboard player, Maurice Crutcher....DJ, Steve Weaver filled in for Jersey Jake Klein.   Thanks to all the wonderful entertainers, our great fans and everyone with the Bootlegger for filling the house with fantastic vibes every Monday night!!!  So as we often say, Forget your troubles come on get happy every Monday  night at  Kelly Clinton's Open Mic Cabaret!!!
Bootlegger Bistro Monday Nights 9 pm.
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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Buzz: I'm So Excited!!!!

Message from Kelly Clinton

I'm still not over last Monday night at my Open Mic Cabaret at the Bootlegger!!

We had so many amazing singers and musicians!  Topping the night off were celebrity guest performances by Jimmy Hopper who will be appearing in the showroom at the Aliante this month;   Gordie Brown riffed with impressions while the incomparable Clint Holmes was quite a duet. Television star, recording artist, and now real life Minister, Clifton Davis was back with his beautiful wife Monica and family. Clifton gave an awesome performance of the hit tune he wrote "Never Can Say Goodbye."  The song was a huge hit for The Jackson Five!  And....Billy Hinsche of The Beach Boys --and Dino, Desi, & Billy,  gave a terrific performance of the song, "KoKomo." !!!!  Wow!!!!!

Several singers who appeared in the Cabaret for the first time were Valita, from the Stone City Band, Perry Povone, a Frank Sinatra tribute artist, and guitarist, Perry Maymon.
Other terrific entertainers who have graced our stage before were also on hand to perform for us:
Lucie Knight, Elisa Furr, Tymara Smith, Lisa Gay, Yvonne Silva, Lannie Counts, Martin Mancuso, George Dare,
Patty Powers, David Marinelli, "Dirty Shooz" Frank Faugno, "Lady Day" Janicey Brar, and Rachel Jackson.

Gordie Brown performed at my Cabaret
for the second week in a row!
Whew, I hope I didn't forget anyone!!!

Actor/Singer/Songwriter, Clifton Davis with Kelly Clinton
Clifton was back for his second time performance at
Kelly Clinton's Open Mic Cabaret!!!!
 What a great show!!!

Clint Holmes

Jimmy Hopper

Billy Hinsche

My A-Team is my Musical Director, Mike Clark, drummer, Cliff Workman, --Tony Drake was on guitar this week-- Jersey Jake Klein, mixing and setting for us, and Mike Turner from the Bootlegger running the sound too!!

Ron Mancuso and Lorraine Hunt Bono, thanks for having us every Monday night for the past two years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This night marked the 104th consecutive Monday night for Kelly Clinton's Open Mic Cabaret at the Bootlegger Bistro!!!

Oh yes, I hosted, sang and clowned around all night long --and can't wait to do it again!!

Monday night, June 6, 2011, starts our third year at the Bootlegger!!!!  Hope to see you all there!!!


Monday, May 23, 2011

Smash Hit Party @ Kelly's Clinton's Cabaret

The Great Jam!!!

Kelly Clinton hosted
night of  live
at her Open Mic Cabaret on Monday, May 9.
The highlight of the evening was the  birthday  celebration for her husband, headliner Clint Holmes.  Friends and fans came out in droves to honor Clint and enjoy the show.

Yes he does!!!!!

The fantastic lineup of great entertainers included good friends,
Mark Rivera (musical director for Billy Joel) and Pat Hand, former guitar player with Clint Holmes and currently corporate events producer world wide.  (White House events included!) Joining Clint, Kelly, Mark and Pat in an awesome jam on the Marvin Gaye tune "What's Going On" were Earl Turner, Gayle Thompson Steele,  Mary Oliver, Lisa Gay, Bobby Brooks Wilson, Wendy Fleming, Lannie Counts,  Tim Wells, Brian Czach, and Jeff Neiman.  Following  individual performances by many of those awesome entertainers came more wonderful performances by Danny Wright, Janicey Brar, Yvonne Silva, Nigel Giovanni, Ulysses Borgia, Breonte Porter, Leana Carter, Juliet Rome, Danielle Oliver, DeNeille Thompson, Kamelah Flintroy and Rachel Jackson.
The rest of this story is a photo play of

Mark Rivera (center w/mic)  Pat Hand (far right)

this great show at

Kelly Clinton's Open Mic Cabaret

in the Bootlegger Bistro!!!!

Kelly Clinton opened the really big show with backup by Lisa Gay, Lannie Counts and Tim Wells,
and the great band led by Mike Clark on keys, Cliff  Workman on drums with guest players Tony Drake on guitar and
Pablo Perez on bass.
DJ and all-around stage manager, Jake Klein, was right there supporting all the entertainers.
Bootlegger Bistro guy, Ronnie Mancuso, welcomed the crowd.

Gayle Steele:  One Hot Sis ta!!!!
Lannie Counts & Clint Holmes

Tim Wells
Earl Turner & Mike Clark

Earl Turner cracks up Clint Holmes

Wild Thing!  Kelly Clinton Dancin' Dancin' Dancin'

Pia Zadora & Kelly Clinton hit it off.  Clint appears to be 'chopped liver' at this moment!  LOL!

Let Them Eat Cake!  Clint with his son Cooper Holmes & Kelly and the Gang!!

Danny Wright

Lisa Gay & Tony Drake

Jeff Neiman

Bobby Brooks Wilson

Leana Carter (L) & Breonte Porter: Sylk, Satin & Lace


Clint Holmes, Man of the Hour!

Clint Holmes
He Inspires Us All!!!

Kelly get the dish on John Katsilometes

Janicey Brar 'Lady Day'

Danielle Oliver

Ulysses Borgia
Yvonne Silva

Wendy Fleming




Rachel Jackson

DeNeille Thompson

Kamelah Flintroy

Dennis Bono stops to chat with Earl & Christine Turner
Oh what a night!!!! 
Come out Every Monday Night
to the Bootlegger Bistro for
Kelly Clinton's Open Mic Cabaret!!! 
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Thank you all for supporting the Las Vegas entertainment community!

Special thanks to Mark O'Toole for being our fabulous guest host last Monday night while Kelly Clinton was in LA!!!